I don’t have a philosophy, I have a camera

I forgot who created today’s title, where I read it and whether he or she had said anything more or just left it at that. Anyway- the comment is true for me too. Chasing the light or having to go to locations to provoke a possible shot is a drive, and it is part of what makes me me.

Fruit in a water tank

This drive is an aspiration, a near autonomous need to express the beauty of what I see.
The mechanics are super simple, when something ‘asks’ to be captured and I respond, the resulting image has its own directness. For me, the cue to actually depress the shutter, the crucial moment, comes from the aliveness of the senses, the immediacy of being alive. Beauty is not a philosophy, so the whole photography dance is from start to finish a gesture without intended meaning or message, no more no less. Shooting like that, you can safely relax in being open to whatever is the case behind and in front of your camera. To me that is life as it is.