About the photosence website

If you feel that the beauty of life is a no-brainer, I am in good company
and I think you will enjoy the contents of the web site.
The photosence site communicates a pursuit of beauty, or
more precisely, the beauty of life as it is.

As a friend once put it,
‘when life is known as it is, it will be closer to you than the beating of your heart’.
When the reality behind the words was realized, the inner artist was set up to create doubtless work.
The art of creating itself, is an undertaking where the only agenda seems to be a natural commitment
that enables me to keep doing what I am doing.

Instruments of choice are those of the contemporary photographer,
a digital camera, digital tools to develop what I shoot and
a professional printer to create the end result.

The resulting prints that are for sale in the web shop are meant to grace the places that belong to your life
with a straightforward artistic expression.
Shot in the simplicity of direct experience they are not intended to be symbolic of anything.
The things they show are seen and represented as an expression of their own essence and its inherent beauty.
On their individual product pages I have used the short description area to write the stories of how they came to be.
Sometimes the story is no more than an afterthought, some peculiar/particular information or a memory triggered
by the product that is nudged out of the printer.

I love it when my work makes you feel good or brings you in touch with something that you value and appreciate.
What the images may mean to you and what you can see in them I regard as part of you, your experience is your
freedom and I am not interested in guiding or triggering your interaction with what I make.
I try to pass on what I see and I hope you enjoy whatever you find in what I present to you.

Perhaps my artist statement is found in the activity of my work itself as it takes place
in the general spirit that life is right as rain.
I sense that my photography carries a sense of gratitude for our capacity to discover this for ourselves.
The stillness that people detect in my images is part of what I find to be at the heart of things.

So there it is anyway I guess, a vision distilled into a statement.

The albums and galleries under the menu tab ‘work’ are alternating selections of work that are generally not meant to be sold as prints.
Let me know if you would like me to make a ‘1 of 1’ print or when you need something that you don’t see in the shop.

UPDATE: I am planning projects in which the images are sought out to reflect a distinct aspect of a particular theme.
Such projects will be made available as boxed sets of prints. I want to start the first one somewhere coming winter ’20 – ’21