About the photosence website

If you feel that the beauty of life is a no-brainer I am in good company. Chances are you have come to a place you will appreciate
as the photosence website communicates a pursuit of beauty, the type of beauty that can be found anytime we are willing to discover it.
The quest to find it, the art to (re-)create it and the love to pass it on are a single headless undertaking, a ‘no plan no goal just shove that coal’ kind of thing.

On this engaging expedition, my instruments of choice are those of any contemporary photographer; a digital camera, digital processing tools to develop what I shoot and
lastly, a professional printer to create the end result.

The prints that are put up for sale in the web shop are meant to grace the places that belong to your life with an artistic expression.
On my part, a gesture that needs nothing in return. With that I mean to say that the images do not need to be understood to do them justice.
They do not represent points of view, make statements, vent comments, messages or opinions.
The things they show are seen and presented as an expression of their own essence and captured for their beauty. Shot in the simplicity of
direct experience they are not symbolic of anything.

I think that each one of the images here begins its life as soon as it is seen, which is usually at the moment of capture, sometimes a bit before that.
The resulting print is the means of choice to pass on what I found. Created as something tangible that is alive as long as people care to interact with it.

On their individual product page I have used the short description area to write the stories of how they came to be.
Most often I write down what I remember about the circumstances and conditions of their capture. When the title and the story reflect how I look at certain things
I simply share the things I was reminded of by the end result, so no message intended there either.

What the images may mean to you and what you see in them is part of you and I have no business there. I try to pass on, to the best of my abilities the beauty of what I see.
Whatever it is for you though, I hope you can connect in a positive way, I love it if a photograph makes you feel good or brings you in touch with something that you value and appreciate.

Perhaps my artist statement is found in the activity of my work itself. Taking care of ins and outs to create art for which I take full responsability takes place in the general spirit of my experience -which is summed up- that life is right as rain.
My photography carries a sense of gratitude for our capacity to discover this for ourselves. If you find the stillness that people detect in my images,
you are with what I find to be at the heart of things.
So there it is anyway I guess, a vision distilled into a statement.

The albums and galleries under the menu tab ‘work’ are alternating selections that share what else I make besides the prints that I put up for sale.
The shop exists for two reasons, the first is that it enables me to create more. The other reason is that it helps to support projects that aid people in need.
Part of the profits go to an old age home in Pondicherry, India. {link here}

Contact me freely if you would like to have a print that you don’t see in the shop or if you would have me make something just for you.