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I use digital photography to create high quality art prints.
The hand printed works that I offer at art fairs and in the web shop are meant to grace
your life with a gesture that you can appreciate and enjoy in the widest sense of the word.


Right from the start, the photos are conceived, shot and developed to be
a physical expression in paper and ink.
As such, the final developed image is only a completed step on the way towards the real work.
And although these photos give a decent to good impression of what they represent,
an actual printed work contains dimensions that I can not show on any screen.
An example of my Art in one of your spaces


As an approach, my workflow is similar to the processes of lithography and etching
where a finalized image is merely a design for one or more pieces of actual work.
Shooting and developing are only successfull when the created design
delivers a unique, individual piece each time it comes alive as a print.

Viewing the offer

The stationary galleries are a workaround for fast web consumption.
They allow you to explore at your own pace.
View the images at full screen size to minimize distraction.

From slideshow to shop

A link above a fullscreen image will take you to a generous description and relevant product details in the shop section.
If the image is made available as a print in the shop, you will find its shop link in the top left of the screen.

You can check out any of the current print series right here.
Monochromes (all categories)
And in Color:
Landscapes · City scapes and Village views · Architecture · Finds and Compositions


  • About

    Takes you as close to an artist statement as I can manage and gives you an idea how I view and conducyt my work.

  • Prints and Work

    The ‘Prints’ link helps you to available open and limited editions while ‘Other Work’ offers photography not perse shot for any form of publication or reproduction.
    The section for Street photography is typically well represented and divided into sub-categories. The ‘Projects and shoots’ section showcases random projects and assignments.

  • Blog

    I blog about anything real, interesting, useful or fun. I post news, background stories, work stories, exploration of visions what have you.
    Entries on practical knowledge of the trade offer a bts view for anyone interested.


Note that all images here are copyrighted and that almost all images in the blog section are done by me. Wherever I use someone else’s images, credit is given to the originator. If I forgot I did not mean to, let me know what I should correct.


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* I print all prints by hand. When ordered through the web site a print is created on demand, I do not work in edition batches.
All prints come from an Epson Certified Printer that employs UltraChrome pigment based inks.
These machines deliver an extremely high print quality that fully addresses the demands and needs of the contemporary photographic artist.
For any print, limited editions and open editions alike, I use museum quality paper made by either Canson or Hahnemuehle. Actual choice of brand and type depends on image subject and artistic intent.
Read more about Materials, Technology and Ethics here