Preparing for launch, writing articles

Preparing the website also means setting time apart to add articles like this one.  Written output provides context to my work and as such, it is invaluable if I want people to be able to connect with what I do.  It is not something I am used to doing -I mean writing on a regular basis- and finding my groove is still a thing in progress.

Lucky for me, I like to write; it helps me to clear my head and it occasionally provides surprising insights in what makes me tick.

In my work as a web designer it has always been part of the job to write in plain English about very technical issues.  To submit topics about my personal adventures to the web site proves to be an adventure in itself.
I had to overcome a few issues of resistance there.  One of them is the regularity.  Web experts insist that writing on a regular basis is advantageous for your site.  I put faith in their advise so I complied in spite the initial awkwardness of writing merely to help the website draw attention rather than wanting to say something.

Bringing myself within reach of anyone that may want to welcome my work into their lives is quite a powerful motivation. Keeping that in mind certainly got me over my initial objection and it showed something else too. There is almost always something available to share. I realized that when people like what I create, it is likely that they may also be interested in anything how what why where when and who of the entire adventure.

For writing it is a good thing, it brings diversity of topics and the freedom to go off on tangents.  Once I start off about one thing, other ideas come to mind.  I make quick notes so they don’t get lost or I create a bunch of drafts in one sitting and finish them separately at later stages.

Another source of writing-resistance had little to do with writing on demand. I feel a contradiction in writing stories about (making) images that are felt to be inherently at odds with words, but as I decided to go ahead anyway it does not feel all that unnatural.

Regular practice of lending words to what I do, does not obscure or change the non symbolic footprint of my work -which was a concern.  Instead, it now feels like I am learning to offer a complimentary entrance to what I do,  something that can be experienced in its own right by a reader. Just like printing an image turns it into an object which gives a specific access through  a certain size, texture, weight and a relation to other objects.

Up to now the learning curves were writing at regular intervals and to ignore my reluctance to write about what I do;  so far so good.  Persistence and practice turn into a growing section of written subjects that I hope is informative and enjoyable for a wide range of interests.