If you feel that the beauty of life is a no-brainer,
I consider myself to be in good company.
The photosence website celebrates the experience of beauty
that belongs to our daily physical world;
to the presence that all things posess and express.

The artistic drive to create what I find and the love to pass it on
is quite the no-plan-no-goal situation.
I just go for it. With my instruments of choice, I tend to
create because I can. That does not mean that I wing whatever I do.
A digital camera, processing tools to develop what I shoot and
a professional printer to produce the actual work demand a fair dose
of accuracy, discipline, knowledge, planning and a lot of tenacity.

The resulting prints are meant to live in the spaces and places of our lives
as simple straightforward artistic expressions.
Shot in the immediacy of life I have no symbolic or storytelling intentions.
Things are presented for the beauty of their existence. If you like, for their
appearance as expression of a mystery.

On the individual product pages I use the short description areas to give
the stories of how they came to be. Sometimes stories are derived from
the shot itself. Afterthoughts, associations or memories triggered by
the final result.

I love it when my work makes you feel good or brings you in touch with something that you value and appreciate.
What the images may mean to you and what you can see in them I regard as your
freedom and privilege; I am not interested in guiding or triggering your interaction with what I make.
I try to pass on what I see and I hope you enjoy whatever you find in what I present to you.

Perhaps my artist statement is found in the activity of my work itself as it takes place
in the general spirit that life is right as rain.
I sense that my work carries a sense of gratitude for our capacity to discover this for ourselves.
The stillness that people detect in the images is a byproduct of shooting something that is hidden in plain sight.

So there it is anyway I guess, vision distilled into statement.

The albums and galleries under the menu tab ‘work’ are alternating selections of work that are generally not shot to become prints per se.

UPDATE: I am planning projects in which the images are sought out to reflect a distinct aspect of a particular theme.
Such projects will be made available as boxed sets of prints.
At the moment I am experimenting with books in which I gather images around a theme or genre.

Let me know if there is something that you would like me to do for you, I’m not too fond of censored inspiration
but give many things a try.