The act of printing

When you choose to sell your work almost exclusively in the form of physical prints you need someone reliable to do the printing. I found solid looking candidates on the web, each with their own basic options, special features, services and price tags. Opposite their shopping windows on art-works-drive was a vacant lot, elidgable for setting up a diy-printing shack. Rent was okay- one printer, and all those things to do and to consider when you go doing it yourself. {I should put a link here to a good post that explains why prints rule},

Making a satisfying decision took more time than I thought. Thinking about the economics of both time and money requires a good read of the fine print concerning the other areas that will be affected by my choices. Continue reading “The act of printing”

Preparing for launch, writing articles

Preparing the website also means setting time apart to add articles like this one.  Written output provides context to my work and as such, it is invaluable if I want people to be able to connect with what I do.  It is not something I am used to doing -I mean writing on a regular basis- and finding my groove is still a thing in progress.

Lucky for me, I like to write; it helps me to clear my head and it occasionally provides surprising insights in what makes me tick. Continue reading “Preparing for launch, writing articles”

Preparing for launch, adapting to game changers

When I am ready to unbox my online presence as an artist,  I want the basics to be in good shape.  Right now the majority of my daily routines is taken up by a steady filling the website with content.  Image by image I compose sets ofe selected images for on this website. Images go into galleries, some galleries are added to albums while others stay ‘solo’. Continue reading “Preparing for launch, adapting to game changers”