Worth shooting, perhaps

Yesterday,  I was at the beach and I saw some rags or paper, caught in a power wire and flapping in the wind. Adding to the sense of litter being everywhere I quickly looked away.  I looked again, just to see if  I missed anything, perhaps something interesting, something worth shooting even.  When I zoomed in I noticed that I did not recognize what I was actually looking at.  What is that?

marooned kite
Sometimes you leave

As I was staring cluesless and aimlessy through the lens, I somehow started to see parts of a kite but… aaahh it is a kite!

Securely entangled, beyond owner and repair, there was something free about the way its remains were fiercely dancing in the wind.  I held the shot to see if I could get a moment that revealed a bit more than just some flapping rags, something to spawn interest.  A piece of bamboo jumped briefly into view. I waited for it to separate again from the fabric and pressed the shutter.

I had my doubts about the shot, it did not call for real and I was right. Looking at the marooned kite moving to tear itself free was one thing but as a photo it did not do and added interest did not change that. Sometimes you leave a scene with no images, sometimes an entire trip.