Dreaming about what you get

In some of my dreams I also busy myself with photography. I play with alternative compositions and ideas to work with. Or, I try capture techniques and apply different perspectives for post processing; I vaguely remember ‘weighing’ various forms of presenting the finished captures too. It is like test driving the entire process with a choice of otherwise endless variations and combinations of modes, styles and emphasis.

Playing with post processing

I have always believed that it is a common human practice to unlock resources and to dry run possibilities and options in our sleep, and that our psyche does this with any worthwhile possible activity of daily life. It’s not the point of this post to investigate what goes on in this intuitive lab work; besides, I feel that in order to grow, some things require to be in the dark during their first period of growth.

The mere presence of these dreams though, shows that photography has become an activity that is not limited to my waking hours. As a means of perceiving, processing and expressing ‘information’ it suits me well. It feels only natural that creativity is independant of focussed, designated activity. Apparently it has sunk in as a whole and dreaming about it made me aware of it.

Now, with my head in the equation too, I became a little less zoomed in on the individual steps that create the final product. I became more geared towards the connection between these steps, how they logically/naturally lead into each other and how they affect each other and the whole, like spokes in a turning wheel.

Engaging photography as an ongoing process shifted my work flow for the better. My point of capture for instance, improved by basing my decisions for composing/framing the shot more on what I can do in post processing.

This presetting of my intention helps me to see better what it is that I am actually looking at through the viewfinder. I make myself notice what else is there when I care to lower the camera and look up, down, around me, behind me. I am more aware of what I need to leave out or what I would better include in my frame, and why. I move my legs for a different position. Instead of leaving things to post I work harder at point of capture. I need to create a straight and balanced spoke in the wheel, a shot that is tuned for my plans in post processing.

This change of shooting style has positive effects on post processing itself too. With the image already pointing in the direction of where I wanted to take it, there is less that needs work and more to choose from. More room for the image to breathe means less distortion which means more quality to take into a final output; which would be the next spoke in the wheel, you get my drift.

The episode of dreams offered a different perspective that inspired a way of working that agrees with me. I can feel the difference when I am at it.
Regardless of where I am in the workflow, I know better what to expect and what to look for; the images getting closer to what I see as I go along.