Forgetting your own work

One of my favorite ways to educate myself is to sit back with a hot coffee and watch photography presentations. Especially so, if the overview of their career is done by artists themselbves.

Steve McCurry doing a prensentation
Steve McCurry

I am always impressed by how the journeys of their craftsmanship and inspiration created their body of work.  It is amazing how different people embody their individuality,  in the way they present themselves, how they interact and in the images they have chosen to represent the essence of their work.

I have seen photographers do presentations work with a striking sense of humility and openness.
Others are very contagious with their passions and their sense of humour,  and I can be amazed by the skill of validating people while they answer questions with their expertise.
I totally forget that someone’s genre was actually not my cup of tea when I hear how their photography matured a compassion that has become essential to their lives.
There is something quite humbling in hearing how someone has fully dedicated their photography skills to help alleviate the suffering of others.

All these qualities that define the positive growth of our humanity,  become a tangible part of people’s images in way that I feel is independent of genre, style, subject or theme.

Here’s a list with a few some presentations you might enjoy,  they are not in any particular order and they are not part of a ‘ top-something’ list: